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Our Story

The silver lining of a cloud is where darkness meets light - the moment just before the sun breaks through


It's the backbone of morality and the filter for how we code the world so that our brain can make sense of experience.  It's the archetypal backbone, or universal symbol, upon which narratives are built.  This archetypal gem serves as a core truth about the human condition; that we each have within us the capacity for greatness alongside the propensity toward great destruction.  We all have the power be both superhero and villain depending on a combination of circumstance and choice...


At Silver Lining Therapy, we believe every person has incredible untapped super-powers; talents, creative potential, and the innate desire to "do good" in their own lives while maybe even lifting up those around them.

More often than not people come through our door because their darkness, however they define it, has burdened them in life and they're brave enough to try to find a way out of it.

Pain & suffering are part of the human condition - the one universal that unites us all.  Each of us will experience sickness & death for ourselves and our loved ones; injustice from those who would seek to take advantage of us, heartbreak from those who betray our love; the fear of failure and of never being enough; the slow loss of identity in a world ever more "connected" while feeling completely disconnected.   We're increasingly depressed, anxious, suicidal, and addicted.  

Silver Lining Therapy provides the road map to help you with the difficult process of negotiating the dark and light parts of yourself; a process involving personal commitment to change, guided self-exploration, and strategic re-alignment of priorities and values.   We want to help you break free to your best life, like the sun breaking free of an oppressive cloud!


With over 25 combined years in the field of Mental Health & Addiction, supplemented by certifications in holistic wellness coaching... we've made it our life's purpose (really) to be on the forefront of modern concepts and alternative healing technologies.  You won't get less than 100% from us - we genuinely care, and it shows from day one.

In 2013, we hopped off the medical/corporate success ladder and into private practice, where honest therapy could always come before red tape and bottom-lines.  In our own personal healing journey, we were also able to pinpoint gaping holes in the standard approaches to "rehab" and "recovery."  Our response was to design an unconventional and effective approach to bringing lasting life improvements to the people we serve.

No matter how you come through the door, by the end of your time working with Silver Lining Therapy you'll have a more solid plan with new insights into frequently overlooked questions:

Starting with: "What do I want?"


To answer that, we explore: "Who am I?"


Which leads to: "How do my values, choices and, behaviors reflect who I am and what I want?" 


Then finally: "Where can I make changes to move towards living life with purpose and more in-line with my potential?"

Let's just say we've made plenty of questionable decisions in adulthood that often bordered on disastrous!  A decade ago, we could have just as easily been in the other chair...


We've learned first hand what it means to take personal inventory and make lifestyle changes to prevent losing control to alcohol and drugs.  It's a process that every person should take seriously, especially when you consider that alcohol is the still the most widely abused and most lethal drug - while it's worshiped in the mainstream.  Addiction is a slow creep - and it goes hand in hand with the human condition.  We're biologically geared to run toward pleasure and away from pain and the road map that steers us in these two directions are the choices we make and the experiences that influence them.


Normally our choices can be filtered through something like our "core values" - those things we hold most dear and true - the qualities that define us.  Sometimes we begin to justify our choices by losing grip of these core values or continuously redrawing their boundaries - perhaps changing them altogether.


One that clues us in that it may be time to take a closer look at both our choices and our values.  Guided by years of specialization in substance use disorders and a good dose of personal experience, we're comfortable helping people take their own inventory, learn from this experience, and find the silver lining opportunity to grow and change for the better!

Dark vs. Light │ Good vs. Evil - sound familiar?

We've seen so much suffering... and we've been there too

SLT was founded by a quirky husband & wife team

Break free to your best life

Why court services?

A DWI can be a Silver Lining - in the form of a gut punch

Signature of Megan Thomas, co-founder of Silver Lining Therapy


- Thank you -


Signature of Scott Thomas, co-founder of Silver Lining Therapy



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