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Out of State DWI Processing

Authorized North Carolina DWI Treatment Provider

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Out of State processing is handled electronically and allows you to complete DWI requirements in your home state - while we coordinate to get everything taken care of in North Carolina

There may be additional cost depending on your case

We do our best to process your request efficiently & have created a streamlined electronic process to save everyone time & energy

Pre-Intake Instructions

NOTE: Booking is for paperwork purposes only and is not an actual appointment!

  • The out of state process is handled electronically - please select the first available date and check out

  • You'll receive an email to sign consent forms in order to obtain records from your treatment provider

  • You may email over any copies you have as well to help facilitate this proces.

  • We will request a motor vehicle report from North Carolina, which is required to submit your paperwork

  • Once we obtain all the necessary forms and documents the e508 completion paperwork will be filed with the DMV


The process takes approximately 30 days to complete


$13.75 MVR + $100 e508 Processing

Booking is for paperwork purposes ONLY and NOT an actual appointment

Please select the first available date and check out - you'll be emailed instructions & next steps

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