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North Carolina

DWI Provider

Silver Lining Therapy is proud to be a prevention-oriented provider of DWI services for the State of North Carolina! We offer:

  • ​Assessments


  • Groups to fulfill treatment hours

  • Out of State reviews

Most people agree that dealing with a DWI or other drug related legal charges can be a confusing process that is no doubt a drain on time, finances, and social/safety resources.


We encourage the people we work with to also appreciate the consequences of these infractions as a "silver lining" - a hopeful wake-up call of sorts that urges us to make better choices in life.  Hopefully choices that protect the things we value.

Individual Counseling

& Coaching

At  Silver Lining Therapy, you'll find an authentic, casual and wildly unique, unusually effective approach to therapy.  We like to have fun helping folks creatively solve big problems and achieve big life transformations!


In our mission to save the world, wisdom and experience reveal that the most significant universal impact is actually made at the individual level.


We are devoted to helping you navigate the incredibly messy, fantastically life-affirming journey toward breaking free to your best self!

We combine coaching & counseling  for both deep healing and tangible life-progress.

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