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First, you'll need to pay a fee for an approved NC DWI Provider to process your treatment completion.  The provider will verify that the treatment you completed in your home state satisfies North Carolina's requirements. 


At Silver Lining Therapy, the Out-Of-State process is entirely online! Begin by submitting your fee and request here (bottom of the page).  Our uniquely designed system streamlines turnaround to minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency, saving you time and headaches.


Upon receipt of your request, you will receive an email from our office within 24 hours that contains our electronic "consents packet."  A few quick clicks should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.  Please contact our office with questions and we can walk you through it...

Despite making every effort to move quickly and accurately, there may be some lag times that are outside of our control.  We will stay in contact to provide you updates via email/text.  

Once all of the required information has been collected from your treatment provider and from your court case (including a conviction date), then we will be able to submit the E508 to the State of NC.  The State can take up to 5 business days to process this report.

Contact us at 828-321-8022 with questions!

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